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Aigo Bistro

May 18th, 2003

Aigo Bistro, 84 Thoreau St. in Concord, MA, is possibly the best restaurant in the area. My wife and I have eaten there maybe 6 times over the last few years (we save this for special occasions), and we have never had anything but superb meals.

Although they tend to be on the pricy side (for Concord), Aigo Bistro is Highly Recommended.

For several years, Aigo Bistro was known as “Guida’s Coast Cuisine”, which still appears on the credit card slips, but Guida went elsewhere, and the former owner/cook took it back over. The style is still “Mediterranean”, but the quality remains excellent.

We went there most recently on May 9, 2003 for my wife’s birthday, and had an excellent dinner. I was surprised, given that it was a Friday night, that the place was only about half full. It’s not that large to begin with. I hope that this doesn’t mean anything, because I’d really hate to lose them.

The service was very attentive, the presentation was top notch, and the food was delicious. Nothing more needs to be said.


  1. HBailey
    July 17th, 2003 at 10:15 | #1

    I agree with the rave on Aigo Bistro. I have had three meals in the past 9 months. All of them have been perfect in terms of the wonderful combination of ingredients and brillant execution. Expensive, but not killer expensive, and worth every penny.

  2. Lisa Warren
    August 29th, 2003 at 12:25 | #2

    I ate at Aigo Bistro about a 2 weeks ago and it was excellent!! Considering the quality of the food and service I did not think it was overpriced. We are going back tonight…..can’t wait!!!

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