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Getting Real

October 7th, 2007
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I just finished Getting Real, a book by 37signals. I bought the PDF version, but it’s available online for free as well.
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Kate Bush’s “Pi”

November 14th, 2005
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Kate Bush’s new album, Aerial, has a song named “Ï€” (pi, if you can’t read that). It’s a very nice song, but she’s wrong about the digits of pi.
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Aigo Bistro

May 18th, 2003

Aigo Bistro, 84 Thoreau St. in Concord, MA, is possibly the best restaurant in the area. My wife and I have eaten there maybe 6 times over the last few years (we save this for special occasions), and we have never had anything but superb meals.

Although they tend to be on the pricy side (for Concord), Aigo Bistro is Highly Recommended.

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