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  • Safari 3.1 in, Pith Helmet Out

    I realized too late (again) that updating Safari causes Pith Helmet to refuse to load. I wonder if there’s a surge in ad impressions between the time that Safari updates and Pith Helmet updates to match? Fortunately, bumping Pith Helmet’s MaxBundleVersion to 5525 lets it load, and so far I haven’t seen any problems. I…

  • Hostile to Vista, maybe

    Incredible pun found in a message from Gary Stark, about Vista not coping with IPV6 addresses in some cases.

  • Why I have a UPS

    We lost power today. I don’t know why, but the whole neighborhood blacked out at 6:57 am. Fortunately, I was getting up at 7 am to sing in the choir at the early service. Unfortunately, we use whole-bean coffee, and had no ground coffee on-hand. After thinking about Dunkin Donuts for a few minutes, I…

  • The Ghost in the Remote

    I’ve been puzzled lately about why my iPod is already playing when I plug it into my car stereo. Yesterday, it dawned on me that I’ve started using my Apple Remote to run iTunes on my new iMac.

  • Getting Real

    I just finished Getting Real, a book by 37signals. I bought the PDF version, but it’s available online for free as well.

  • Software Is Hard

    Kyle Wilson’s description of Chandler’s development, taken from Dreaming in Code, immediately reminded me of my experience with On Technology. Not that it was also a Mitch Kapor company, but that it was a similar bunch of very smart programmers without any business constraints, trying to build a utopian system. The result was predictable. I…

  • Your Father’s Parentheses

    From XKCD

  • The Concord Women’s Chorus

    Sara (my wife) mentioned that the Concord Women’s Chorus web site isn’t listed by Google. The CWC (formerly the Concord Madrigals) is a top-notch choral group. They have performances in the Spring and in December. I’ve created their graphics (poster, tickets, etc.) and recorded them since 1994.

  • Photos of Arizona and Nevada

    Sara and I took a vacation to Nevada and Arizona in April. I went to the NAB conference for the first week, then we went touring. Here are some Flickr sets of photos that (mostly) I took. Antelope Canyon (the picture above) Valley of Fire Sedona Lake Powell Grand Canyon Colorado River Rafting

  • Fortune Cookie of Auto-Stereotyping