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The Ghost in the Remote

October 11th, 2007

frontrow_remote20070807.jpgI’ve been puzzled lately about why my iPod is already playing when I plug it into my car stereo. Yesterday, it dawned on me that I’ve started using my Apple Remote to run iTunes on my new iMac.

I had purchased IOSPIRIT‘s Remote Buddy to let me run iTunes via my iPhone, but only recently realized that it also let me use an Apple Remote to run iTunes too. This has been very handy, since it’s often a problem to quickly pause the music when the phone rings.

What I’d forgotten was that the iPod charging stand has a remote receiver in it. Clearly, I was pausing and playing the iPod simultaneously with the iMac.

The solution was a little piece of black gaffer tape. I tried some colored sticky dots, but they didn’t block the signal. Powerful little bugger!

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