A Unitarian Universalist Joke

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You may be a Unitarian Universalist if:

  • you think socks are too formal for a Summer service.
  • you know at least 5 ways to say "Happy holidays!"
  • your idea of a guy's night out is going to a N.O.W. rally.
  • unleavened bread is part of your Easter Brunch.
  • you refer to construction paper as "paper of color."
  • the name of your church is longer than your arm.
  • you find yourself rewriting a church survey, rather than taking it.
  • you call up your minister in the middle of the night, panicking because you are starting to believe in God.
  • to explain your personal theology, you have to use interpretive dance.
  • you take your day planner to church instead of the Bible.


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