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A rabbi, a UU minister, and a Wiccan priestess decide to go on a fishing trip together. They go down to their local lake, rent a boat, and go out on to the lake for a day of fishing.

As the afternoon approached, the trio became hungry - and realized that they had left their lunches on the shore of the lake.

The minister got out of the boat, walked across the lake, got his lunch, walked back, and sat down ... beginning to eat his lunch.

"You should have gotten all of our lunches!", scoldes the priestess. She then gets up, walks across the lake, picks up her lunch as well as the Rabbi's, walks back across the lake, and sits down ... handing the rabbi his afternoon meal.

The rabbi at this point is almost out of his mind, his eyes wide with shock. Finally, he manages to sputter.. "Wha.. what... how did you...?"

The minister grins at the priestess, nudges her, and asks "Do you think we should tell him about the rocks?"

The priestess looks at the minister, raises an eyebrow, and replies "... what rocks?"


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