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Walden Grille

May 18th, 2003

Walden Grille, 24 Walden St., in Concord Center.

My wife and I ate dinner here on Saturday, May 17, 2003. It was a disaster. Even allowing 90 minutes for dinner before a show (across the street), our dinner arrived 10 minutes before we had to leave, and it was grossly overcooked to the point of being charred (tenderloin in puff pastry).

The manager was polite about not charging us for the inedible food, but the bad service plus the horrible preparation of the entree earns Walden Grille a rating of Not Recommended.

Walden Grille was formerly known as Walden Station. I’ve eaten there quite a few times, and it was always pleasant. Walden Grille has apparently gone seriously downhill.

I noticed the same entree that I ordered being served to other customers, and it looked delicious. I was astonished to have a charred pastry served to me, and when I said to the server “This can’t be right”, she shrugged it off. The waiter only said “would you like to talk to the manager?”.

I’ve had a good lunch here before, so they’re not uniformly bad, but the comments I’ve heard from neighbors about similar horrible experiences here has convinced me to avoid them from now on.

It’s a real shame, since the location is great for a dinner prior to a show at 51 Walden, across the street, so I can only hope that the current management gets its act together.


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