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New Photo Gallery

April 20th, 2005

I’m trying out Flickr as my on-line photo gallery. There’s a new Photo Gallery link in the left side bar that goes to my photo area there.

Currently, I’m using Gallery on my server, but I need to find some other way to manage photos, since I’m dropping my T1 this summer. Flickr is easy to use, and the price is right, especially after the recent price drop.

The main question is whether I want to upload the full-size pictures, which run about 3.3MB, to Flickr. They encourage that, but it’s unnecessary unless you’re printing them. However, with 2GB/month upload bandwidth, that’s about 600 large photos/month. It’s unlikely that I can keep up with that.

One of the really interesting features of Flickr is the ability of visitors to annotate parts of pictures, e.g. by drawing a rectangle around someone’s head in a group photo and naming them. I’m going to put my collection of old family photos up and try to link to them from my genealogy pages, so visitors can identify the people in these photos.

Feel free to visit my photo gallery and add your own comments. Use the “Add Note” feature to annotate part of a picture.


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