My family genealogy

I’ve added a new section, which is a link to a GeneWeb database of my family tree. This family tree contains 7885 people, stretching back to 1598, with Edward Jewett of England. It was previously available by invitation only.

I put it together in Reunion, which is a very nice genealogy application for the Mac. This data was all exported to GeneWeb for presentation on the Web. GeneWeb is not a particularly good web application, but it works and I haven’t found anything better and free.

I assembled this data by taking my family history, as I knew it, then searching various genealogy sites and the web in general for people at the fringes of the tree. When I found matches, and there was enough data to show that the found trees and my current one overlapped accurately, I spliced in the new trees. There’s bound to be errors in this, but I hope they’re minimal.

As is usual with these applications, it doesn’t show personal details of still-living people. If you’re a relative of mine and would like access to the more recent areas in this tree, email me and I’ll send you the password.

I’m still working on this tree. I’ve been scanning family photos and other documentation.

Ultimately, I hope to replace GeneWeb with something much better. It needs a more usable interface, but mainly I want to add a photo gallery, where photos can be linked to the people they depict. More than just the one head-shot per person I can get in GeneWeb. I’m contemplating writing a web application to do this using Lisp, since I love to program in Lisp, and this avoids the usual UI complications with desktop applications written in Lisp.