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October 7th, 2002

I love electronic and mechanical toys. Here are some of my favorites.

Garmin Street Pilot III – Works very well. Routing is not as good as I would hope, since it seems to ignore the delay caused by stop signs and lights, but I wouldn’t be without it. Its main problem is that the mapping software doesn’t run on Macintosh.

Silly PuttySilly Putty – I bought five pounds of blue Silly Putty from Crayola after seeing an article about bulk Silly Putty purchasing in the Wall Street Journal. It’s a wonderful desk toy. You have to be careful not to let it sit on anything porous, or to let cats sit on it.

Macintosh – The best toy is a Macintosh. I have three in my office, and five more around the house. I have a PC too, but it’s not a toy, it’s an aggravation.

Sony DSC-F707 – An absolutely wonderful digital camera. Excellent picture quality. This is my third Sony digital camera, and they’ve all been just great.

Kurzweil K2600X – There’s something about the sound of a Kurzweil synth that puts it well above anything else. I think it’s the variable sample rate, producing very clean, un-aliased sound.

Roland HandSonic – An outstanding percussion controller. This replaced a DrumKat for me, but does so much more. Convenience (you’ve always got your hands with you), good sound quality, responsive pads, and lots of presets. I keep it in my office so I can just turn around and whack at it. It has an optical sensor that lets you wave your hand over it to play an instrument or for the cat to sit on and swish her tail over.


  1. Ralph Galen
    February 27th, 2003 at 23:49 | #1

    Hi Stoney,

    I thought you had 30,000 plus UU jokes. But I liked the few dozen I saw. Thank you.

    Take care,

    Rev. Ralph Galen, Mendon, MA

  2. Mark O’Brien
    November 5th, 2003 at 20:21 | #2

    Friend just gave me your web site. I’ve howled @ the jokes!!!!!
    Here’s a true one….’cause I said it.
    I was seated between heterosexual Quaker couples at a P-Flag dinner in Boston two years ago. The subject of religion came up (doesn’t it always!) I said I was a UU.
    The older Quaker man to my left asked if I was born a UU? Yes, I replied, except my parents were devout Irish Roman Catholics so that’s what they thought they raised me as.
    Mark O’Brien
    First Parish UU, Sherborn

  3. Jan B
    September 18th, 2003 at 10:49 | #3

    Hi Stoney,

    I can’t believe you kept the entire 5# of Silly Putty to yourself.
    I am on my third package of bulk Silly Putty and everyone here at the office loves it.
    It’s way too much fun to share and get everyone’s reaction.

    I hope you are still enjoying it though.
    This time we bought the ‘purple changing to pink’ type and are having a blast!

    Great stress reliever!


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