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sb.org is moving

July 30th, 2005

Over the next week or two, all of sb.org will move from a server in my house to Dreamhost. This is happening because I’m dropping my Savvis T1 and switching to Comcast for internet access.

The first part that’s moving is this blog. You may see broken bits for a while as the DNS changes. Since Dreamhost supports WordPress, and Movable Type is rumored to be hard to install there, I’m changing to WordPress as well. It’ll be a while before I come up with a theme that I like, so meanwhile, I’m using the default theme.

My son Kevin tried to convince me to move to Typo, but it’s too immature to be practical for me. Nice support of AJAX via Ruby on Rails, though. I’ll probably move to Typo when I’m comfortable with it.


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