Genealogy change

July 31st, 2005
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Because of the difficulty of installing the genealogy software that I was using, I’ve switched to TribalPages for my family tree.
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Family is moving

July 30th, 2005
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Over the next week or two, all of will move from a server in my house to Dreamhost. This is happening because I’m dropping my Savvis T1 and switching to Comcast for internet access.
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Our Yosemite Vacation

June 18th, 2005
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Yosemite Falls
We visited Yosemite National Park this spring. The park had been flooded and closed until a few weeks before our arrival because of recent rains and Spring runoff, so the waterfalls were awesome!
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Switching to Tiger

May 2nd, 2005
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Friday night and over the weekend, I switched most of my Macs to Tiger. All but one computer upgraded nicely. My main Mac (2GHz DP G5) had a corrupt drive. I had to backup everything off the drive, wipe it, then restore.

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Goodby to Now Up-to-date

April 27th, 2005
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Now Software announced yesterday (4/27/05) that Now Up-To-Date is not Tiger-compatible, and won’t be until some time in June. They advise people who need NUTD to not switch to Tiger during this period.

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Moving to DreamHost

April 24th, 2005
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After nine years with Pair, I’m moving to DreamHost.

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New Photo Gallery

April 20th, 2005
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I’m trying out Flickr as my on-line photo gallery. There’s a new Photo Gallery link in the left side bar that goes to my photo area there.

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Patriot’s Day 2005

April 18th, 2005
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It was a beautiful day for the Patriot’s Day parade.

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April 16th, 2005
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I made my first grilled hamburgers of the season.

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My family genealogy

April 16th, 2005
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I’ve added a new section, which is a link to a GeneWeb database of my family tree. This family tree contains 7885 people, stretching back to 1598, with Edward Jewett of England. It was previously available by invitation only.

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