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Goodby to Now Up-to-date

April 27th, 2005

Now Software announced yesterday (4/27/05) that Now Up-To-Date is not Tiger-compatible, and won’t be until some time in June. They advise people who need NUTD to not switch to Tiger during this period.

I wrote back and told them they’re insane if they think Mac users are going to hold off switching to Tiger just because Now couldn’t get their act together to release a Tiger-compatible version of NUTD in time. I’ve used NUTD (and Now Contact) since they were first released, which I believe was about 10 years ago. It’s a pretty good product.

So, much as my wife hates to change programs, I’ve switched us to using iCal + Address Book, and using iSync to keep the calendars and addresses consistent between my two computers and hers. This turned out to be fairly simple, given that I have a .Mac account that I wasn’t using for much anyway, but I had to set up my wife’s computer to connect to the same .Mac account. This has the unfortunate side-effect of making my address card “Me” on her computer as well as mine. I hope this doesn’t cause any problems.

It appears that Tiger will allow address-book syncing between separate .Mac accounts. I don’t see anything about syncing calendars that way as well. I sure hope it does, since the main drawback with iCal is that there’s no way to share editable calendars between people.

iCal and iSync have come a long way, but they don’t replace NUTD’s server functionality, except in limited cases. Now may have stepped in it with this delay, but if they’re lucky, they’ll survive with a bunch of unhappy customers.

Meanwhile, switching will let us take advantages of the new Tiger integration, which sounds pretty spiffy!


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