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The Concord Women’s Chorus

January 6th, 2007
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Sara (my wife) mentioned that the Concord Women’s Chorus web site isn’t listed by Google. The CWC (formerly the Concord Madrigals) is a top-notch choral group. They have performances in the Spring and in December. I’ve created their graphics (poster, tickets, etc.) and recorded them since 1994.


Moving to DreamHost

April 24th, 2005
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After nine years with Pair, I’m moving to DreamHost.

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New Photo Gallery

April 20th, 2005
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I’m trying out Flickr as my on-line photo gallery. There’s a new Photo Gallery link in the left side bar that goes to my photo area there.

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MT 3.1 Upgrade

September 5th, 2004
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I’ve just upgraded my blog to MT 3.1. The update went fairly smoothly, but I found some pages used the wrong css file name. That may have been there before, so I can’t blame the upgrade for that.

I’ve also found that the “Recent Entries” menu no longer shows all the items. It cuts off anything after the one selected. Looks like a bug in MT, since it happens only with dynamically-generated archives.

The main reason I upgraded was to get the new MT-Blacklist plugin. Comment spam is truly annoying, and this promises to keep it out.