About Me

February 28th, 2016

I live in Concord, Massachusetts, with my wife Sara and a cat, Natasha. The three kids are on their own now. The oldest, Rick, lives in San Francisco and works for Apple Computer in Cupertino, Calif. The twins, Kevin and David, are working too. Kevin lives in San Francisco and does iPhone development, among other things, while David is a waiter in New York City while working as an actor.

I’m a member of First Parish in Concord Unitarian/Univeralist Church, where I’m the webmaster and sing in the choir. Here‘s some UU humor.

I was born in Louisville (that’s Luh-vul), Kentucky

I was commissioned as a Kentucky Colonel in 1973. Here’s my membership card.

Kentucky Colonel Card

I have a BSEE from MIT. Course VI-3-A, which is Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Co-op. I was originally class of ’75, but my ring says ’76 and my degree is ’77.

Music is a central part of my life, mostly listening to it, as I’m still learning to play keyboards and guitar, and to compose. I use Apple Logic Pro, MOTU Digital Performer, Max/MSP, and Sibelius on a Mac, with a Kurzweil K2600X as my main synth. I also have a Roland HandSonic, which is a wonderful percussion controller. Natasha loves to sit on it and watch me, while making drumming noises. I also record concerts by my church choir and the Concord Women’s Chorus, of which Sara is a member.

I have a strong interest in usable software, as well as buildable software. That’s probably why I’m a Macintosh advocate. I love expressive languages like Mathematica, Lisp, Ruby, and Smalltalk, but most of my work is in C++ for performance reasons.

My software and consulting company is Stonetics, Inc. Originally named StoneSoft, Inc., but I sold the name to Stonesoft Corp. in Finland. I do contract work in visual effects software and web applications. My special-effects software products are published by Red Giant Software.

Previously, I worked at (most to least recent):

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